2 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Vehicle

Sometimes you end up with a vehicle that doesn't seem to be good for anything. It may have stopped running, have too much body damage, or simply be in too poor condition to be of any use to anyone, including you. No one will buy it, and you can't even give it away. Or can you? Here are two creative ways to get rid of your vehicle.

Donate It

Your wreck of a vehicle would make a welcome donation to a charity. Charities are always in need of donations, including vehicles that don't run. The reason that charities are so keen to take that rust bucket off your hands is because they can either get it running again and give it to one a needy family, sell it for parts and use the cash for their charitable cause, or sell it to a scrapyard for the metal and use that cash for their charity fund.

To find out about donating your vehicle to a charity in your area, contact some local charities and ask if they have a car donation program. If they do, they will also likely be willing to send a tow truck to your location to pick up the vehicle. Auto donation is effortless, and you could even get a tax deduction by doing so. All you have to do is wave goodbye as your useless vehicle is towed away to perform one last good deed.

Offer It to a Teenager

Teenagers are often fond of tinkering with old junk vehicles. Experimenting under the hood helps to build confidence as well as teaching them about car engines and mechanics. Teens who are enrolled in auto mechanic courses at a tech school are even more likely to appreciate your thoughtfulness in handing over your vehicle that no longer gets you where you need to go.

Look around for a local teen in your neighborhood who might be interested in making a project of your old vehicle. Make sure their parents are okay with you giving your vehicle to their teen to tinker with. To get it to their property, you might have to hire a tow truck, or maybe the teen and some buddies can push it to their driveway. Either way, the vehicle will be somewhere else and you won't ever have to worry about it again.

For more information about vehicle donation, talk to a professional.

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